Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue Jeans Sunday

I just read the first draft of David Chadwell's bulletin article for this week. David has done a great job of chronicling the events of Sept. 27. He sums up what we all experienced so very well in a single phrase: "We felt His life in us."

Throughout Sunday and Monday I have had members of the West-Ark congregation comment that they believe something especially good happened among us. Over and above all the good works there was a good spirit. Young and old, men and women, different cultures, were working alongside one another in a spirit of unity. We were sharing, feasting, learning, and needs were being met. We are starting to resemble that picture of the church in Acts 2.

I appreciate those who have been asking for another Blue Jeans Sunday. There will be another Blue Jeans Sunday. I hope we organize projects that will take us even further out into the community and serve others. But between now and the next Blue Jeans Sunday there is nothing in the world to stop all of us from getting together to write cards, make quilts, paint a neighbor's house, clear out brush and limbs, serve at the Hope Chest or CURE. I have always hoped that one of the lessons that we gain from Blue Jeans Sunday is that our permission to get together and serve doesn't come from any office, committee, or authority. The permission to serve, the charge to serve, comes from Jesus Christ (John 13). So go and do likewise!

And yes, you can wear your blue jeans to worship -- because worship never ends!

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