Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Hits Fort Smith

I am very tired, but I do not think I can go to sleep without some writing. I have spent most of Labor Day weekend doing what I can to support the relocation of evacuees to and from Fort Chaffee. I have been writing some every day. It is my means of decompression. I will be posting my log entries once I sort through them.

The stories from Hurricane Katrina continue even though the latest news seems to be that all the people have been moved from Chaffee and no one else will be brought in. I will tell my stories here and the stories of those I have met over the last few days. I am very proud of my brothers and sisters who accompanied me on the trips to Chaffee. Their Christ-like spirit was obvious.

A friend asked me recently if the winds of Hurricane Katrina reached as far as Arkansas. I must tell him that the winds may not have, but the aftermath did.