Saturday, August 08, 2009

I Do Not Have Swine Flu

I feel like Orson Wells. He had a little fun with a radio prank back on Halloween in 1938 acting as if Martians had landed and everyone took him seriously. He probably had no idea how convincing he could be.

I was sick recently and claimed that I had Swine Flu -- it is the disease d'jour of course. Besides, who wants to have something run of the mill like the "common" cold when you can claim to be infected with H1N1.

Sorry for the confusion -- for the record, I do not have Swine Flu.

But maybe I did? I have been wondering how I would even know that I did or did not have Swine Flu? What's the difference between it and the many other flu's that are available? I don't even know that I had flu.

Swine Flu triggers something in us. We are conditioned to pay attention to it. But do you remember the ominous illness of days gone by? Remember Bird Flu? How about SARS? What about Mad Cow disease? There's a farm theme going on here.

Here's one I bet we've all forgotten -- who remembers the impending invasion of Killer Bees? Remember when it seemed like a huge swarm of them was going to cross the border of Mexico and just overwhelm us?

The lesson for the day: The media peddles fear. Don't buy it.

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