Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dara Torres is 41!

Have you heard? Dara Torres is 41-years-old! I don't believe it! She's 41 and has a kid and she's winning medals and swimming in the Olympics at the age of 41.

But she isn't supposed to do that, becuase she's like 41! That's really, really old. I'm not even that old. I'm only 40. But Dara Torres is 41. She could be the mother of all those other women she's competing against. In fact she's old enough to be the mother of say 20 of them because she is 41 and she could be having a lot of babies in that time.

But there she is swimming and winning medals at the age of 41. That's just so bizarre. She is so old. I think she's like 41. It is just so great to see an Olympian and someone so fit even at the age of 41. She is keeping up with girls half her age, which would of course be 20 years and 6 months because Dara Torres is 41. Actually, she's not only keeping up with them but she is actually beating them. Beating them wouldn't be such a big deal except for the fact that Dara Torres is 41. 41!!!! Can you believe it!?! 41! Which Dara Torres is - she is 41. She's better than ever and she is 41.

Hey, did you know that Dara Torres is 41?


scott said...

Are you saying she is 41?

Chris Benjamin said...

Seems like I heard somewhere that she is 41.