Thursday, April 19, 2007

Defining Reality

Krista Tippett writes the following on the Speaking of Faith webpage . . .

As perpetually horrified as we are of terror and violence, we are riveted by them and we let them define our take on reality. The communications miracles of the 21st century make wondrous connections possible, and yet they also bring us images of horror with an immediacy and vividness that are debilitating. Violent images seem altogether more solid and substantial, more decisive and telling, somehow, than kindness, goodness, and lived peace. It is easy to bow down before these images and give in to the despair they preach.

Tomorrow we will be reminded of the Columbine shooting. The connections between Columbine and Virginia Tech will be drawn. The connections to Waco and the OKC bombing may even enter the discussion. We need to remember. We need to pray for the families and those who have been wounded in so many ways. It is altogether proper to grieve, but let's not give in to despair. The shooters and bombers may have commanded the attention of the media camera, but they do not have the power to define reality.

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