Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Green Acres

I found an intriguing blog today. It's all about a man with three kids, a red tractor, and 170 acres. There is no intense drama or gripping plot to Joel Comb's Life on a Farm, in fact it is mundane in the real sense of the word - it's earthy.

Joel sets out to tell us where our food comes from. It doesn't come from the back room of the grocery store or the magic happy place where bacon is conjured up. It comes from the earth. It is grown, herded, and harvested by the sweat of the brow - though not always our own brow anymore.

As Joel tells his everyday stories, he gets into all the familial and financial details. His kids get the flu. His tractor breaks and he needs $400 to repair it. That's earthy.

There are many days that I suffer from Green Acres Syndrome. Like Oliver Douglas, I want to escape the rat race of the city and work in the soil with my hands like the American farmer. Thanks to Joel Combs, I can appreciate what modern farming is really about but I know that the grass is not necessarily greener on a farm in Pine Knot, Kentucky.

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trboyd said...

what about life on a boat in the middle of no where.. is it greener there? I don't think so.. I try to explain this to Steve.. I am glad it is finally sinking in.. I think.. as he works on the boat.. hahah but he does come up with ideas.. like well i will just pull out the engine and we can skull into our slip.. UGGG!!!! Charlie Brown.. hahah he is such a Charlie Brown..

Just thought I would rummage through your writtings.. Miss you lots.. still haven't found a home but have not tried much either.. and for that I feel guilty but I suppose not enough to look harder.. I think it is you and Joann I look for when I look.. oh well can't replace people like you two..
Tracie Boyd