Monday, July 11, 2005

Look At Me

The movie theatres need to consider a better method for determining what previews are shown with which films. I took my six-year-old son to see the Fantastic Four today and just before the film begins we are blasted with a trailer for The Transporter 2. Sure, I know that Fantastic Four is rated PG-13, but there's something different about the comic-book style fighting of an orange rocky giant throwing an automobile at an electricity-wielding metal-hided villian compared to the violence depicted on the trailer for Transporter 2. Call me inconsistent, but when I made the decision to allow my son to watch the Fantastic Four I did not bargain that he would have to sit through a scene of a woman dressed like a Victoria's Secret model firing semi-automatic machine guns in an emergency room. When I checked the family reviews for Fantastic Four there were no warnings about watching the Transporter himself use super-quick martial arts moves to break the necks of assorted hoodlums.

So, I am faced with a crisis and I have little time to act. I covered my son's eyes during the intense moments in Revenge of the Sith but my simple method of censorship didn't seem to work, so this time I followed my instinct and said to my son, "Look at me! Keep your eyes on me." He did. He kept his eyes on me the whole time and I kept my eyes on him until the trailer was over.

The symbolism of my parental instruction has stuck with me all afternoon. "Keep your eyes on me, son." Instead of just distracting him from what he shouldn't see, I suppose I need to give him something worthwhile to watch. Not on TV or the movie screen, but in my life of course. Isn't that what being a father is all about?

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Renee Wagemans said...

Thanks for your comment on my poetry.

Now to this piece of your blog:
No, that is not what it is all about.

I have 5 children of my own, they are older now, but we have been there too.
Ask yourself how your heavenly father is acting on your behalf…..
Is he dragging you out of the world, not allowing you to be horrified?
No He is not.
He has put you here on earth, saying you are in this world but you are not from this world.
So you must make a difference just by being there but not joining them.

You were right to say to your son Look at me! Keep your eyes on me. That is exactly what God tells you to do while you are living in this world. Just look at this incident as an illustration which you can use to teach your son about God. Your very own “sermon” came to life there. Just the way Jesus would have done when He walked this earth.