Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Good Old Days of Criminal Adventure

This news just out from Reuters: "U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton pressed on July 13, 2005 for a government investigation into how simulated sex cropped up in a modified version of the blockbuster criminal adventure video game 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.'"

What is the world coming to when our children cannot play their criminal adventure video games without pornographic content? I remember when boosting a sweet ride and capping pigs with a Mac 10 was more wholesome. Now someone has gone and made something nasty of what used to be nothing but old fashioned fun with one's homies. You kids should really keep your digitized clothes on when you are clocking 120 m.p.h. on the simulated streets of San Andreas in a stolen Mercedes. What's the world coming to these days!


Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for a while. You seem to be taking a swipe at Sen. Clinton (otherwise why mention her name-and of course you have every right to do this) and the foolishness of her trying to do a little spring cleaning at the local garbage dump. In other words, why would she make a big deal about sex in this already filthy game? Certainly none of us knows her true motivations, but I wonder: what would YOU want her to do? Nothing? Akin to that question is another: what are YOU doing about Grand Theft Auto? People who simply call evil "evil" are nothing more than complainers.


eubulus said...

I have put your blog in my favorites. Thank you for the amusing insights. God bless!

Chris Benjamin said...


Why do you think I am taking a swipe at Sen. Clinton? Her name is mentioned because Reuters mentioned it. Why is it that most of the discussion of this issue is focusing on Hilary Clinton rather than the content of the game. No one seems to notice that Joe Lieberman is also taking a lead on this issue. He has approached the president of Rockstar Games and urged him to submit the game to independent review.

The truth is, I actually support what Clinton and Lieberman are doing. They are raising awareness of a problem. The sarcasm of my last entry is aimed at our culture that seems to ignore the presence of "already filthy games." Perhaps people who simply call evil "evil" are nothing more than complainers. But sometimes it seems we cannot even agree on what evil is. (I think I know what you meant by the calling evil "evil" sentence. You mean people who rage on about the evil but do nothing about it, yes?)

These days it seems to take someone as high profile as Hilary Clinton to ring the alarm. Would anyone be paying attention if it were just Joe Lieberman? Would the media be claiming that he is just making a bid for the presidency? I support what the Senators are doing, but ultimately our culture, and especially parents and guardians, have to make the effort to do something about the problem in every home. Only then can we take a stand as a culture and community.

There is more to the last entry and I bring up some of the things I posted here. I actually explain my sarcasm and irony. Yet, I thought it diminished the impact of the irony to dissect and explain what I mean. Irony works better when it sticks to the wall like cold spaghetti and starts to slide slowly down until it pools on the floor. If you clean it up too soon it isn't as effective. So, I cut out the "director's notes" and saved them as a draft and intend to publish it later as part 2. When you see it just remember that I wrote it before I read your comment. I don't want you to think I am reacting defensively to your comment. Truth is, I really appreciate your comment because it lets me know that the irony had the intended effect. Keep reading and keep sending in your comments. And "hear, hear" for Hilary taking out the trash.


Chad said...

But the game doesn't quite bring out reality though, where's the the chop shop? These games could at least teach them something useful.

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