Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wicked Innocence - This Should Be Illegal!

For some reason, Halloween is now the holiday when women dress like prostitutes and men dress up as something scatological or alcohol related. A free country isn't always a righteous country and adults act like morons with or without costumes. I accept this. But something is horribly wrong when costumes designed for teen and tween girls are marketed with the label "Wicked Innocence."

What in the name of Saint Francis is Wicked Innocence? What sort of culture thinks it is cute for children to dress provocatively and for innocence to be adulterated with a little wickedness. And it all gets excused by being "good fun" or dress-up. If we sell contradictions like this to children and their families, then the necessary societal disapproval of child molestation, pedophilia, and sexualization of minors loses its impact.

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