Monday, October 30, 2006

Pray for Our Neighbors

Our neighbors are in need of prayer. West-Ark's neighbor is the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. They are right across the street from our church building. They use our parking lot during the week. We have a ministry dedicated to UAFS students, the Lions for Christ. I like to think that we are good neighbors.

Over the weekend, a UAFS student was gunned down at a Halloween party. His name is Terrist Parramore. He came to UA Fort Smith from Fort Worth to play basketball for the university. As of this writing, he is in critical condition in Sparks Hospital. Parramore was shot because he stood up for others. Another man at the party was mistreating women. Parramore asked him to stop. The man returned with a teenaged friend who shot Parramore. You can read the full story here, here or here.

I haven't met Terrist, but I am praying for him. I am praying for his family, his teammates, his coaches, and all of our "neighbors" across the street.

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