Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Science Lesson

This newsflash came in today from . . .

"Astronomers announced today the discovery of what is possibly the smallest planet known outside our solar system orbiting a normal star.

The planet is estimated to be about 5.5 times as massive as Earth and thought to be rocky. It orbits a red dwarf star about 28,000 light-years away."

Here's what I remember from science in high school:

1. If the planet is more massive than earth, then its gravity is also stronger than earth's.

2. Just as humans can jump higher and lift more on the moon with its weaker gravity, an inhabitant of a planet with 5.5x greater gravity would have increased strength on Earth.

3. Superman is from Krypton.

4. Superman is "super" because his home planet is larger than earth.

5. Superman has heat vision and other powers not explained by a gravity differential because of Earth's yellow sun. That's what naturally occurs to one born under a red sun (but you already knew that of course).

6. Greater gravity + red sun = Krypton.

7. The astronomers have discovered Krypton. Superman is among us even now!

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Michael S. Cole, M.D. said...

The reports of these "discoveries" of distant planets are so filled with "possibly" and "estimated," that Chris Benjamin's conclusions that this latest planet must be home to Superman is as intelligent as the speculation pretending to be science by these people who think they are going to discover the origin of the Universe by looking to the stars. I'll continue to turn to Genesis, where we have had the answer all along.
Michael Cole