Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Magic Lantern Show

Here at Written Without Ink I am proud to unveil my second blog titled The Magic Lantern Show. The purpose of The Magic Lantern Show will be a journal and discussion site for engaging our faith with films. I have been thinking about this project for quite some time and looking ahead at the movies scheduled for release this summer I decided now was the time to begin.

My hope is that The Magic Lantern Show will be a true b'logue, which is a term I coined for a web dialogue. So please visit the site and post your comments. Let us know what movies you have seen.

The opening of The Magic Lantern Show does not mean the end of Written Without Ink. I will continue my journaling here and its purpose remains the same. To get you started on your way to the Magic Lantern Show, here's a preview of an upcoming entry . . .

I have always enjoyed the movies. For most of my life I thought they were just a diversion. I went to the movies to waste time, enjoy a laugh, or thrill at adventure. Then I began to notice how some films are discussions of serious subjects. I discovered that some films made me think. At times, they even disturbed me. The more I started to notice this, the more I realized that more was going on at the movies than entertainment.

Come to The Magic Lantern Show! Opening Friday at a web browser near you.

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